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Peter Takes Gurm at 55lb 4oz

Fryerning Fisheries, 10th March 2017 by Charlie

Darren just cracked the new Fryerning Fisheries record by catching The Gurm at a stonking weight of 55lb 4oz - unbelievable! To sweeten the deal further, he also took another mirror at 37lb 4oz - session of dreams!

Darren's Setup:

Rod: Freespirit EClass 12FT 3.75lb
Reel: Daiwa Big Pit
Line: ESP 15LB
Hook: Nash Fang Twister 5 Barbless
Hook Link: Korda Semi Stiff 30lb
Lead: Korda 3.5oz
Rig: Lead Clip 10” Hooklength
Bait: Xcel Baits Vanilla Nut Fudge VNF
Baiting situation: 8kg Freebies throughout session
Session: 24 hours
Range: 80 yards
Feature: Hardspot

Comments: Had the 37 mirror first then after a recast had Gurm after only 5mins of the rig being in the water. Lifting into a real twitchy take I knew something huge was on the other end and had a long, hard battle for over 40 minutes. “Oh my days!” Emotional isn’t the word! New P.B. Lake record two fish in one session! The sure width of it is mindblowing, it is sure to get even bigger over the next few months.

Fish Species Mirror Carp
Weight 55lb 4oz
Method Bottom Fishing
Catch & Release Yes
Bait Bollies

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Fryerning Fisheries
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