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"Cut Tail" - First UK 40! - MAD BAITS

Heron Lake Carp Fishery, 7th May 2016 by Jason Thomas

After finding a number of fish in a shallow area of the lake, enjoying the first real patch of warm weather this year I knew I was in for a good chance of having one. A fish known as Cut Tail was in the bay when I arrived on the Friday.

Opting to set up for the night one swim away from the fish, on the basis I thought they would move out in the night I put the traps out. I didn't want to be casting on top of them in such shallow water so this approach seemed logical. This are of the lake is very rarely fished, so I didn't want them to feel pressured.

The first of 2 planned nights came and went with multiple liners suggesting the fish had been moving through me. A walk back to the bay at 9am confirmed that all the fish had left the area in the hours of darkness as expected.

Now however, with no fish in the area, I was able to move swims and get the rods out without letting them know I had arrived, all set and waiting for when they hopefully would come back mid afternoons.

Several hours went by but by 2pm, very slowly more and more fish got into the bay. with 2 on the deck and one on a zig I really thought it wouldn't be long.

By 6pm with less fish in the bay than the day before I was surprised I hadn't had one. So I opted to remove the zig and having identified what I thought was a clear area next to a weed bed, maybe 4 rod lengths out, I flicked out a bare lead. (the entire lake is full of weed)

Feeling for the drop....there was none, had I over shot the spot slightly? Choosing to pull back very slowly to feel the bottom, suddenly a big vortex came to the surface where I had disturbed a fish that was secretly hiding in the weed. I had been watching the area for 10/15 minutes previous and hadn't seen any movement to suggest a fish was there! Deciding the fish must have felt safe there was only one rig I could use in such thick tall weed....the naked chod.

I didn't have any fluro with me having been fishing with mono. However, I improvised by tying up a 7ft length of 15lbs IQ2 hooklink and attaching to the mainline with a back to back grinner knot. The chod section was tied "My way" using a slight twist on the traditional chod that so far, has caught me multiple fish without a single loss!!!!

This was carefully balanced with putty and underarm flicked out onto the spot. I was using a MAD BAITS 15mm Wicked White pop up and offered exactly 10 12mm Wicked White freebies.

By 6:30pm the rod was in the water. over the coming hours as day moved into darkness, the bay came to life with fizzing all around, but more interestingly all across and around the weed bed.

At around 9pm, the chod ripped off, instantly I knew it was a big fish, with heavy plodding. Within only a few minutes she went into the net. Looking down I knew, there was only 1 short fat common in the lake and the last time it came out (December) it want 40 for the first time.

Leaving her to recover in the floating retainer for 10 minutes I was able to get the camera and scales ready. 40lbs 8oz......absolutely over the moon. My first UK 40 and 2nd fish out of a very tough lake.

There is a lot to be said for having confidence in the bait you use. I couldn't be more confident in MAD BAITS......I have been fairly seriously carp fishing 3 really not long, and in 6months of being with MAD......I already have a UK 40!...Just wish I joined earlier :)

One happy carper
Fish Species Carp
Weight 40lb 8oz
Method Bottom Fishing
Catch & Release Yes
Bait Bollies

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Heron Lake Carp Fishery